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Want to set up shop is good or join good?

  In this problem is a lot of people just start a business want to understand the problem, no matter what way, is better for their own, YOYOSO little YO to tell you about the advantages and disadvantages of proprietary and join it.

Want to set up shop is good or join good?

  Many people would feel just rent a store, and then into buying some goods on the Internet can open a fast fashion department stores, this also need not pay league, can save a lot of money. But if you know some tricks, they have reliable purchase way, then proprietary is a good choice. But for those who never entrepreneurial novices, such investment risk is very big, so the novice or suggest to join fast fashion store brand is better.

  If their open a shop, all decisions in our own hands, you may think it can save some unnecessary trouble. But generally the risks and benefits are coexist, proprietary entrepreneurs will have bad sales lead to stock up, store wait for a circumstance, if there is no professional team coaching, so stores may result in a loss.


  Their words, site selection, purchase way needs to thousand pick a place, in addition to their management scheme of fast fashion department stores, you also take their own stock late, operation and maintenance, this will cost a lot of energy, and selection of schemes may also appear problem, step by step to explore and sum up experience.

  In addition, a fast fashion department stores need to get the store propaganda work. Proprietary shop with no brand effect, so famous depend on their own accumulation, through a series of activities with the store's fame first, and then slowly cultivate customer. And want to store the customer, then promotion expenses is certainly need a lot.

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  Brand value and supply of goods is the advantage of joining, you do not have to worry about their supply of goods, also avoid product update more not on and unable to establish a market advantage.

  Want to set up shop is good or join good?Join in will be more worry, especially for people without experience more suitable for some, like now very hot fast fashion department stores are generally adopted to join, so as to make a way out of the fierce competition in the big market environment.