YOYOSO University
Founder of the YOYOSO Brand
YOYOSO · Ma Huan-Founder of the YOYOSO Brand

Founder of the YOYOSO brand

Vice chairperson of Heilongjiang Chamber of Commerce in Jinhua City, Zhejiang Province

Winner of 2017 Annual International Chain Service Development & Innovation Award

Winner of 2017 Annual China Chain Sector Dark Horse Award

At the beginning of the brand YOYOSO, Ms. Ma Huan upheld her original aspiration and mission “to help myriad people realize their dreams of starting their businesses”; she is committed to helping more people succeed in starting their own businesses and pursuing a happy life! With 11 years of experience in the department store and chain sectors, she has seen new opportunity in new retail of fast fashion leisure chains and, leading her team in tapping into the market, expanded from zero to 100 stores and finally to more than 800, which have successfully found their way into global markets such as China, Malaysia, Brunei, the Philippines, Vietnam, Bahrain, and the UAE. Over this process, she and her team have developed a feasible operational system suitable for chain department stores to help more business partners make their stores profitable in a rapid, sustainable manner!

Main Modules in Her Lectures

Lecturer of the President Engineering Operation version of YOYOSO Sales System; 

Chief lecturer of Core Talent Incubation Camp;  

Chief lecturer of Wisdom of Person in Charge of Operations.