-Industry News2020-03-05

Yoyoso store Grand opening in Cuenca Ecuador!

A few days ago, yoyoso Premium Ecuador's Cuenca store opened hotly, bringing local consumers with simple, stylish and excellent aesthetics.



yoyoso actively explores the international market.In nowdays, it has reached strategic cooperation with more than 40 countries and regions, including Mexico, Bahrain, Georgia, Kuwait, India, South Africa, Hungary, Mongolia, the United States, France, Russia, and Iraq. 1000+ stores. Before the opening of the Cuenca store, yoyoso opened two stores in Quito, the capital of Ecuador, and it was highly sought after by local consumers.



Cuenca, as an important business center in southern Ecuador, is also a world-renowned cultural and art center and tourist destination. Long history and culture and modern business atmosphere are perfectly integrated here. Art exchanges, tourism development and trade between countries give this historic The ancient city of South America has brought vitality.



As a globally popular aesthetic lifestyle designer brand, yoyoso's high-quality and cost-effective products have made consumers linger, and their unique design and quality services have been well received. In the future, we will continue the good development momentum in Ecuador and continue to actively expand internationally. The market brings a relaxed and happy new life to consumers worldwide.