-Industry News2020-03-05

Yoyoso store Grand Opening in Naga, Philippines!

Recently, yoyoso Philippine Naga Store opened grandly.With its high brand influence and high quality and special products, yoyoso Naya Shop is crowded and lively.




Naga is the capital of the province of Nankamama, the Philippines.It is located along the Bicol River on the southeast of Luzon Island.It is one of the central cities of commerce and tourism in the Philippines. The good expectations of the Philippines and the Naga market also show yoyoso's firm confidence in actively promoting the internationalization process.



As a friendly neighbor of China, the Philippines and China have close economic exchanges. It is an important position for Yoyoso to penetrate the Southeast Asian market. The Filipino people are cheerful and pursue quality life. In line with this, the brand's presence in Naga, Philippines was warmly welcomed by young local consumers.



Since its formal entry into the international market, Yoyoso has been stationed in Malaysia, the Philippines, New Zealand, Mexico, Bahrain, Georgia, Kuwait, India, South Africa, Hungary, Mongolia, the United States, Ecuador, France, Russia, Iraq, etc. The country has captured the hearts of more and more young consumers. With the opening of the Naya store, yoyoso cost-effective products will enter the homes of more consumers around the world, serving every young person who is eager for a high-quality life.